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Product & Quality

The IXXI cards are 0.3 mm thick and are made of high-quality synthetic paper. This material is water proof, UV resistant and does not tear or warp.

The print can however discolor when it is frequently exposed to UV-light.

An IXXI is delivered including the following parts:

. printed IXXI cards
. connecting pieces (X and I)
. hanging strip
. Monos
tesa Powerstrips & pushpins
. click tube
. manual
Note: this does not apply to the refill option, which is used to order additional cards.

The cards from a collage and enlargement (with your own images and IXXI’s collection) are always 20 x 20 cm. If you create an IXXI pixel, the cards will always be 10 x 10 cm. The card sizes of the Specials in IXXI’s collection vary between 20 x 20 cm, 14 x 14 cm and 10 x 10 cm.

Hanging and switching

An IXXI is delivered with a standard hanging system: a hanging strip, Monos, tesa Powerstrips and pushpins. You connect the IXXI cards and adjust your hanging strip to the length you will need. You attach the hanging strip to the wall with the tesa Powerstrips and the pushpins. At last, you connect the IXXI on the hanging strip. Check out our demo or our manual.

An IXXI is delivered with a standard hanging system: a hanging strip, Monos, tesa Powerstrips and pushpins. The tesa Powerstrips affix best to a smooth, clean, hard and nonporous surface. With the pushpins, the IXXI can be attached on rough plaster, rough cement paint or vinyl wallpaper.

The cards can be cleaned by using a damp, soft cloth and some cleaning agent.

Note! Gently rub the material. hen there is too much pressure while cleaning the ink can be wiped off.

Other questions?

If the design, material or production of the product is flawed, you are entitled to have the product repaired by IXXI. Or, if product repair is not possible, you are entitled to have it replaced by IXXI.

IXXI does not guarantee that its supplied products can resist ultraviolet radiation or any other environmental factors.

No warranty applies to damages arising from the incorrect use or application of the products supplied.

The proof of purchase (the order confirmation upon payment) is the certificate of guarantee. If repair or replacement is not possible, IXXI is entitled to repudiate the agreement and to credit you for the entire sum.

  • Once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled.

IXXI offers you the possibility to create your own unique wall decoration.
A unique product originates, entirely composed according to your wishes.
Concequently, IXXI’s which are created (a city and style of your choice) can not be returned.

How to hang your IXXI

IXXI instructie video

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